A user will be long-term blocked if he/she hits ten warning points. Blocking time and status will be chosen by an administrator.

The following actions count as 1 warning point:

Spamming on a page other than the Playground page.

Doing irrelevent things to get badges. (This is spamming, but I'm just making clear that it's spamming.)

Asks to be an admin.

If a user swears in any place.

Creates pages and adds them to a pages created by someone else.

Edits other users profile.


The following actions count as 5 warning points:

A user takes advantage of a user right. (If you get blocked from this you will also be demoted.)

A user tries to get another user to do any of these things.

Asks another user of any part of their personal info.

The following actions will result in an immediate block:

If you have 2 accounts and pretend to be different people. (This is hard to figure out but if I do, I will block both.)

If you have done something like this on another wiki.

Tries to bypass any protected information.

This is a list of what users have warning points and how many.


Wikia (1p num. 6 (Minecire))

Note: Getting to ten warning points will result in blocks of 6 months or longer. While giving warning points you might be blocked for up to a month.

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